Changing conditions met the PAA anglers on day 1 at Tawakoni.  We got the lowdown from Dave Wolak.  As predicted the lake fished very small today. With the help of a passing tropical depression, high winds and muddy water limited the areas to fish turning the first day competition into a hole-swapping round-robin. The flippin’ bite Dave was on never materialized and left him with only 2 keepers and in 74th place.  Dave told us tomorrow he is throwing a big swimbait and swinging big because the lake has quality fish, and you never know what might happen.

Keith Combs is leading the event with 24.40 and Big Fish 9.23

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Note: Dave is an avid runner, and said he has never seen so many dogs in his life.  He has to carry a stick on his jogs so he doesn’t get eaten.  He did make one friend, a pitbull mix that he shared his dinner with tonight!