Yuba City, CA – February 2010 – Responding to the requests of both beginning and cost-conscience bass anglers, Dobyns Rods recently announced the release of their new Savvy Series product line. The Savvy Series joins the already popular Champion and Champion Extreme rod collections. Featuring four spinning, seven casting, and two flipping / pitching rods, the Savvy Series offers the most popular models starting at a competitive $149.99 price point, without compromising the quality and attention to detail that company founder, Gary Dobyns, painstakingly places into each and every rod he calls his own. The “backbone” of Savvy’s quality design, as Gary testifies, begins with the rod blank. “A high-quality, top-end blank, is essential to a great rod. I really centered the design of the Savvy Series around the blank. I will not sell a rod that I cannot personally fish with, and it was a very lengthy process of refinement just to get the feel of the rod just right. As a result, I can now say with absolute confidence that the Savvy Series blank blows others at the same or even more expensive price completely out of the water.” Quality cork carefully encompasses the rod blank on all Savvy models. A split rear grip is incorporated in all but the 766 flipping model, in addition to a no-foregrip design. The grip arrangement reduces overall weight, assures balance, and helps to facilitate direct hand contact with the blank. Savvy spinning models range in length from 6’9” to 7’, and include medium light and medium power ratings. Meanwhile, the 6’6” to 7’3” Dobyns casting portfolio includes most popular medium heavy to extra heavy power and length combinations. Two flipping and pitching models round out the Savvy line. Utilizing the same family of components as other Dobyns Rods, the Savvy Series boasts Kigan Alconite guides, a custom-painted reel seat with Fuji hood, and low profile hook keeper. Those quality features, highlighted with decorative wrapping and rod end cap, are deliberately included in each model to introduce new anglers to the Dobyns line. “I wanted to make the Savvy Series good enough that fisherman considering a less expensive rod will look at the Savvy Series and say, ‘For an extra couple of bucks, I can get a Dobyns Rod with so many more features.’” For more information on the Savvy Series, or Champion and Champion Extreme series of rods, feel free to contact Gary Dobyns at dobyns@dobynsrods.com. Or, visit Dobyns Rods online at www.dobynsrods.com.