Basstar introduces the worlds first infinite diving crankbait, Dredger comes equipped with a built in rotating hook system for both the belly and tail hook along with the golf ball dimples on the body for a different reflection underwater. What makes the DREDGER different from other deep diving crankbaits in the market is that we have figured out a way to internally and externally balance the weight so that the bait will dive straight down to any preferred depth. The Dredger will dive straight down with no spiraling or line twists. Once the Dredger reaches its depth the bait will stand straight up keeping the hooks away from the bottom reducing chances of hang up. Unlike traditional crankbaits where the bait will only reach its target depth zone for a short time, The Dredger will dive to its target depth from where the bait lands and stay in the zone all the way back for the full retrieve. The Dredger has a fall rate that is equivalent to a jig, which means you can now throw this bait next to boat docks and pilings and watch the bait fall perfectly parallel to its target. The Dredger Crankbait has been producing a lot of bites anywhere from 40-60 feet but will dive to 100+ feet in depth if needed. With a bait so innovative and new the Dredger crankbait has been the bait to talk about for both Saltwater and Freshwater anglers. Hooks: VMC Weight: 1 1/4 oz