howell_long_boatBrentwood, TN (January 28, 2009) – Secret Weapon Lures, Inc. announced today the company has signed an endorsement deal with professional bass angler Randy Howell. Howell will help the company build upon its reputation as an innovator of premium, high performance fishing tackle for fresh- and saltwater sportfishing.

Howell, of Springville, Alabama, ranked 8th in the Bassmaster Elite Series 2008 standings, will be a top contender again in 2009. Look for Howell at the Bassmaster Classic on the Red River near Shreveport, Louisiana in February 2009.

“Randy Howell is an extremely gifted angler who shares our priorities of God, family and fishing. He has the necessary attitude, experience, and skill to win the Classic, and we believe that Secret Weapon’s Recoil Rig™ can help him attain that goal,” said Joe Haubenreich, president of Secret Weapon Lures, Inc.

“The Recoil Rig is the first thing to come along in quite some time that improves the way we can make fish bite,” said Howell. “It’s deadly on bedding fish!”

“I used to say the Recoil Rig is like putting a drop shot on steroids, but it’s more than that. It’s even more effective fished around docks, lay-downs, and cover,” said Howell. “One rod on the deck of my Triton is dedicated to the Recoil Rig at all times.”

“I use electronics to find heavy fish traffic areas – lanes where I can see fish funneling through. Usually we swim or hop our lures through there and hope fish are passing by just then, too. After casting a few times most anglers move on, leaving catchable fish behind. I can position lure on a Recoil Rig right in their path and work it in place until the fish comes along.”

“It’s making me change the way I fish… but there are a lot of places on the Elite tour this year where fish are used to seeing conventional presentations. I can’t wait to put soft plastics on a Recoil Rig in front of them; it will make them bite.”

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