When Shaw Grigsby first began catching bass with Quantum reels nearly three decades ago Madonna was topping the charts with “Like a Virgin” — gas was $1.10 per gallon – and Grigsby didn’t own a mobile phone.

Now, like most of us, Grigsby finds his life connected to a cell signal.  In fact, more than just a means to call home, his smartphone has made him a social networking junkie of sorts.

Grigsby, who many would agree is the most happy-go-lucky guy on tour, makes Facebook a part of nearly every day.  “It’s my way of checking-in with friends and extended family during a busy, sometimes lonely, life on the road,” said the 54-year old.

“Most days, after I get off the water, I stop and get gas, plug in my boat’s battery charger, grab dinner, grab a shower, work on my tackle and then it’s time to relax and touch base with fans and friends on Facebook,” said Shaw who recently qualified for his 13th Bassmaster Classic.

“It’s not a burden.  I enjoy Facebook.  I don’t have to do it.  I like to do it.  I had a fan at Guntersville this year tell me that I’m one of the few pros who always responds to his posts,” explained Grigsby, who helped popularize catching big bass from spawning beds with a size 30 Quantum PT spinning reel and his uncanny eyesight.

“If I have a really bad tournament, I tend to mope and not post as much, but I always try to post something,” said Shaw, who will also quickly show you photos on his phone of all the wild pigs that burden his backyard in Florida.

Grigsby is not alone. In just six years, more than 500 million people have become Facebook users.  And while Madonna no longer tops the charts, Shaw has nearly 4,000 “friends” following his daily travels via his mobile electronic posts.

You too can follow bass fishing’s most happy-go-lucky pro on Facebook at “Shaw Grigsby Fan Page.”  While you’re logged on, consider becoming a friend of Shaw’s sponsor Quantum Fishing too – you’ll get inside insight about the on-goings of one of bass fishing’s most respected brands and the legendary pros that depend on their rods and reels.