Hazelcreek2Today I hit up Hazel Creek Lake for some bank fishing.  Hazel Creek is a 700 acre lake just north of Kirksville, Missouri. It’s only about a 15 minute drive  from campus.  The lake runs north and south.  Since we had  a good south wind and cloudy skies I decided to fish along the northern dam. This time of the year bass can really key in on the rock. When the water gets cooler a lot of baitfish will relate to it and there’s always a good amount of crawlfish for the bass to eat too.  I started out fishing a chrome and blue trap without any luck.  I then decided to put on a chart and white double willowleaf spinnerbait and that is when I started crushing them. I ended up catching a 17 inch keeper and then about  10 yards down the bank I caught a 4 and a half pounder and a 3 pounder in a matter of minutes.  The action was pretty fast and furious. The fish were sitting off  the side of the dam where it curves back down the lake.  While the fishing was good it only lasted so long because I had to leave to get back to class.