South Carolina pro Michael Murphy is surely one of the best with a jerkbait. You can find M2 12 months out of the year and he is going to have a jerkbait tied on. Murphy told us that it never gets too cold or hot to throw a jerkbait, but the spring and fall really shine.  Fall is a super time to tie on an Ima Flit and go to work.  When the days start getting shorter and the water temp drops into the seventies, a few things start happening.

As the days get shorter, crawfish activity slows and bass start looking at shad and you can really load the boat when things come together. In the fall, bass will start to move shallow, keying schools of shad to fatten-up on for the winter. Michael told us he keys on the sides of points into the pocket mouths this time of year.  They (the bass) don’t want to move any farther from their winter haunts than they have to. When you find one, you can bet there are more around.

Murphy advised using a Flit in foil or matte patterns for stained water, and in clear water the Tennessee Shad or Pro Blue.

Equipment can be critical in a smoking day with a jerkbait, so a good reel paired with a Denali Michael Murphy signature jerkbait rod spooled with fluorocarbon is a must.  Tie on an Ima Flit (straight out of the box) and you’re going to turn into a jerkbait junkie this fall.  You might just catch the fish of a lifetime.

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