When it comes to jig fishing a lot of anglers have problems with detecting the bite. Sometimes you will get that good thump when a fish picks up your jig and it’s really easy to know when to set the hook. A lot of times though you will just get a heavy feeling on the end of your line like you are stuck in a clump of weeds. There are a two things that you can do to help yourself be able to better feel the bite.

When it comes to rod selection for your jig fishing try and stick with the same rod and reel throughout the course of the day. Having the same rod and reel in your hands at all times makes it a lot easier to be able to weigh your jig on the retrieve. Keeping everything the same makes telling subtle differences a lot easier whenever you get bit. Whenever something feels different it’s time to set the hook. The rod I use for most of my jig fishing is a 7 foot medium heavy action AiRRUS Co-Matrix 457. The rod has a lot of things that any jig fisherman would be happy to find in a rod. It is sensitive, has a lot of power, economical, and very durable. I have swung countless 4 to 6lb fish in the boat with this rod and I have never broken one yet. I have been very impressed by the value and durability the rod has to offer.

Another thing you can do to improve your jig fishing is to use fluorocarbon line. This becomes really important when you are casting your jig any distance away from the boat. You can feel so much more on fluorocarbon line than you would with mono because fluoro has greater density. The added sensitivity of fluorocarbon line will help you detect more bites and you will also catch more fish in clearer water because it is invisible to the fish.

By Spencer Clark