The first B.A.S.S. Northern Open kicks off this Thursday (7/7) on the James River in Richmond, VA.  Local stick and one of the most respected guides in the area Eddie Griggs brings us the lowdown straight from the James. Eddie started, “Two weeks ago I would have told you the tournament would have been won in the Chickahominy River, and it would have taken 42+ pounds.”  Between the fishing pressure and the river tightening up,  Griggs isn’t so sure anymore that it’s going to play out that way.

Timing and understanding the tides are going to play a big part in this derby, as both rivers experience huge tidal movements every day.  A spot that may not produce on high tide may be a goldmine when the water gets low, and those anglers not accustomed to tidal water may fall victim to it’s trickery.  The fish on the James do not replenish as quickly as they do on other ponds across the country, so having enough areas and precisely managing those areas is going to be key for the guys who opt out of the “Chickahominy Circus”, where lots of anglers will camp-out during the event.  Eddie told us to look for about a 40lb total to get the job done and bring home the W.

If you’re in the Richmond area and want to check out the James or Chickahominy Rivers, contact Eddie Griggs at 804-543-7168 or