Four top professional anglers are offering the chance for multiple days of one-on-one instruction on the water in October on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.

PAA pros Terry Butcher, Jason Christie, Sean Hoernke and Matt Reed have teamed up for a special instructional course on the lake. All compete on the PAA Tournament Series, Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour, with years of experience to bank on.

“It’s basically a one-on-one coaching week with four touring professionals,” Hoernke said. “I have been doing this by myself for a while and it has been very rewarding to watch your clients make their first check or win their first event. Most of the time we are always so involved in making ourselves better and it’s really fun to take the experience we have and give it to others in the sport.”

The dates are Oct. 5-8 and the event will be to the first four individuals or two-person groups that register. The anglers will rotate each day with the four pros and spend the day fishing on Grand Lake. Only you or your group will be in the boat with the pro for the day.

The course is designed for all levels of anglers and tournament anglers looking for one-on-one instruction to help make them better and more successful anglers. From beginners to advanced tournament fishermen, each day the anglers will learn how to locate and catch fish on a large body of water along with different techniques and tricks used on the professional tours.

Students seeking improvement or knowledge on specific techniques also can work to develop those, as well. The course is centered around utilizing years of tournament fishing knowledge and delivering it to the student to make them better anglers.

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