We caught up with Chevy Pro Anthony Gagliardi who missed the win on Champlain by a mere 5 ounces. Fishing pressure, or lack of it, was big factor on the final day for Anthony. Without having to worry about other anglers moving in on his primary area, it allowed him to fish some other areas. He started the day throwing topwater and caught his second biggest fish of the day (4.09) along with 2 other small keepers on top. He then moved to his primary spot to finish his limit and cull up to his 18.3 to put him in second. Anthony did say he had to change up a bit on Saturday. Days 1 and 2 he used a c-rig and on day 3 it was a 5/16oz Spot Remover, but he had to really scale down in the final round, switching to a spider grub and a 1/4 oz finesse jig hook. He did catch his big fish of the tournament on a crankbait off a random point. It was déjàvous all over again for Gagliardi, he finished second on Champlain last July in a tour event.

Note: Frank Scalish’s pre-tournament predictions last week were spot-on.

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