09 Open Champ Gary Dobyns gave us the lowdown on the final day of the US Open.  The game played out just the way Gary figured. He told us:  “It was a standard Open.   You can’t hardly live and die on one lure.  Your gonna’ catch a fish on this, a fish on that, and five to six on a reaction bait.”

The primary pattern for Mead is fishing the bank with a reaction bait, and hitting the shady spots in-between with some sort of soft plastic bait.  You’ve just got to stay cool and cover a lot of water. “That’s just how Mead fishes for the US Open.” noted Dobyns.

Clifford Pirch came out on top with 31.44, just enough to hold off Dick Watson and Rick Clunn for second and third, respectively.  For the complete standings and story check out wonbass.com

**Notable also is that western angler Mike Hart was caught cheating today, and had been doing so since the start of the event via feeding lead weights into the mouths of the fish he caught.  He was thereby banned for life from all WON Bass events.