There may be no one alive who understands the changing moods of the Upper Chesapeake Bays bass better than angling educator extraordinaire Karl Bunch. On the rivers of the mid-Atlantic, he wouldnt dare go out in the spring without a Rock N Vibe tied on.

It does two neat things, he said. First, you can retrieve it at any speed and it will have the same action and run true. With a 5.3:1 reel, you can retrieve it slow, medium or fast and not compromise the action of the bait.

The second thing is that it has a lot of weight in a smaller package. You can cast it and control it on those colder windier days and still use a smaller profile.

Hes caught the tidal river grand slam largemouths, smallmouths and stripers on the Rock N Vibe in a single day and shared one other key technique with us. You can fish it as a blade bait and yo-yo it,he said.It drops straight down.

Capt. Karl knows that as the grass emerges in April on the famed Susquehanna Flats, the Rock N Vibe will be a key search bait for the 150 or so competitors in the BASS Northern Open on the Bay.We might only be getting to where we normally are by the 1st of April, he said. They should be able to use it on the drops and ledges on the flats and up into the mouth of the river. Its also deadly around dock pilings and marina walls.

He expects that variable spring weather will have the fish on the points leading into the major spawning creeks and bays at that point and advised anglers to concentrate on the movements of their prey in order to understand the predators: If you figure out the baitfish youve got 99% of fishing figured out.

He expects it to take 21 pounds a day to win and if forced to choose three color patterns hed go with Firetiger, Chrome/Blue Back and Chartreuse Shad. Its as simple as that Theres not a whole lot of tricks you need to do. Its ready to go right out of the box.