Fishing’s been …well … a …. pretty big part of my Life since that first bluegill at Lake Tomahawk near Rogers, Ohio in 1974 — thanks Dad.

Today I caught my biggest fish ever.

A 220 pound Lemon Shark.

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Photos by John Frazier – Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.

Key West, Florida.

The ocean’s “flats” are a special place — I saw rays, crabs, turtles, shark, permit and barracudas.

3′ feet of water.

50 pound braid — and 50 pound steel leader — 7/0 hook — a slab of barracuda for bait.

I’m here hosting a Media Outing at the gracious generosity of our PR client Quantum Rods and Reels.

I took a lot of notes and photos all morning.

It’s truly a working trip.

John Frazier of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine and myself caught way more photos than fish for the first 6 hours of the day.

Then at 2:00 pm — they yelled, “Fish On !!!  Guck it’s your turn — set the hook.”

I literally set my camera and notes down — and powered into him with a Quantum size #80 Boca PTs Spinning Reel.

We had caught a couple smaller sharks earlier.

I turned to them intuitively and said — “guys, this is the biggest shark of the day.”

20 minutes of fish fighting and one very fatigued right Guck bi-cep later — It Was the biggest fish of the day– and I am Blessed.

Top angler and guide Rich Tudor of Saltwater Experience TV estimated him at well over 200 pounds.

Rich Tudor is a good man — a total pro — a hard worker — a class act — he “gets it.”

That’s Tudor in the white shirt.  Check him out at

35 years since that first bluegill.

Today — I caught the biggest fish of my life.

— Guck —