The situation in Louisiana is imperative to all anglers and sportsmen throughout the nation; period. With that said, our website reaches individuals from a wide demographic background, all of which desire the preservation of our wildlife and environment. The Louisiana Marsh offers some of the best bass angling in the nation. BASS plans on revisiting the Marsh for another Classic, but the question now is will there be a bass population in the Marsh? As you may very well remember from previous articles on, Louisiana’s Marsh is one of my personal favorite estuaries. Additionally, it is also the home of many individual guides and charters all of whom depend on the vast population of Louisiana’s fisheries and wildlife to support their families! The Louisiana Marsh is indeed a piece of Heaven on Earth, where every twisting bending turn render treasured memories……………Let’s Work together and Pray that those memories are not all we have to offer our future generations! PLEASE, join our entire staff at Bass East by helping to support this endeavor sent to us by my friend and colleague Lew Carpenter of the National Wildlife Federation, by calling in at the toll free number listed below on Wednesday May 5th. Thanking you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Hear How the Gulf Oil Spill Will Affect Sportsmen: Join us on a free national phone call on Wednesday, May 5, at 7 PM CST to find out more about the impacts of the Gulf oil spill on hunting, fishing and wildlife habitat.

Just call toll-free: 877-229-8493, ext. 15842.

The Gulf oil spill could threaten our sporting traditions. Join Bob Marshall, outdoor editor for the Times-Picayune, and conservation editor-at-large for Field and Stream, and Larry Schweiger, NWF President and CEO for a discussion on what’s at stake. Louisiana produces the greatest catches of redfish in the country–but right now an oil spill the size of Puerto Rico is putting this and other vital fishing and waterfowl wintering grounds at risk. For more information, please see:

Bill Decoteau
BassEast Senior Editor