Brand new for the fall of 2021 is the Hardcore Vibe 75. A sinking lipless crank bait with multiple rattles that has a tight wiggle action deadly in fall, winter and spring conditions. Constructed from exceptional components and outstanding attention-to-detail, Hardcore is committed to providing anglers with the most effective and life-like lures possible and this new addition is no exception.

The Hardcore Vibe 75 features perfect balance which allows it to be retrieved in a variety of ways to cover a multitude of fishing conditions. This bait can be burned back to the boat with a perfectly straight track and it won’t kick out at any speed. It can be slow rolled just above the grass with a tight wiggle action and when fished with a yo-yo technique it has a seductive swimming action on the fall and can be ripped out of the grass easily to trigger that reaction bite. The larger profile and added weight are perfect for targeting giant bass on deeper grass lines.

The Hardcore Vibe 75 comes in 10 color patterns chosen by US and Japanese pro-staff and feature a “power coating” that protects the finishes from chipping or fading. The terminal tackle is top of line with high quality black nickel split rings and round bend black nickel treble hooks. All these game changing features for a retail of $9.99.

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