Your Name    Heath Smith
Birthday:    July 30, 1983
Height:    6’1″
Hometown:    Gadsden,Alabama
Website    http://
Family:    Rebecca (Wife), Brody (Son), Britney (Daughter)
If you could only fish with one lure what would it be:    StrikeKing Series6xd
Favorite band:    Pearl Jam
Boat/Motor:    International Brotherhood of Electrical Brothers Wrapped Triton
Tow Vehicle:    Chevy, Silverado
If you were not fishing what would you be doing:    Working in the fishing industry
Hero (explain):    Charlie Hartley- He works harder than anyone on tour preparing for events. He is the first boat on the water and the last to leave. He has not had the success that a lot of guys have had but he never quits! His work ethic is what makes him my hero!
Career Highlights    Multiple local wins, But the highlight would be finaly making it to the level i am at now. I finaly feel like I can compete against the best in the world!