ICAST 2013 might be over but the fun is just starting. From cranbaits to electronics and everything in between we saw it all and so will you. Stay tuned for complete coverage.

Whats new from Sunline with Brent Ehrler

Leave it to Lucky Craft to come up with something twisted at ICAST. Gerald Swindle showed us the Twisted Rosie.
Is it a buzzbait, a jerkbait or a jerk bait? we had to “G” to explain.

We caught up with Brandon Card in the Pinnacle booth at ICAST, He showed us the new Perfecta 7 spinning rod devloped by Dave Wolak and one of the techniques he uses it for.

Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk showed us the Storm Arashi Shad at ICAST 2013. This new concept in a self tuning crankbait is the deal. The next time you make that perfect cast you won’t have to worry about you crankbait running true if your throwing an Arashi.

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We stopped by he Z Man booth at ICAST and ran into Luke Clausen, he showed us the new Turbo Craw and talked about some different ways to fish it.


Skeet Reese shared a few of the new colors from Lucky Craft at ICAST 20113

Find out how to catch numbers of fish on one wacky rigged senko style bait using Never Slip Bait Tape. Justin Lucas shows us how to do it.

Tie on a C-rig in 30 seconds or less with Easy 2 Hook. Randy Howell explains how.

Gamma Line is David Dudley’s line of choice, it should be yours too.

Fred Roumbanis is known for tricking out his baits. Fred shares a few products from Zappu that he uses to get the edge.

We stopped by the DUO booth at ICAST 2013. Kevin Hawk showed us their topwater line-up.

We caught up with Brent Chapman i the Costa booth, find out what frames he wears.

Bret Hite introduced the Wakemaster from Evergreen

Aaron Martens showed us the new Megabass 110 Jr at ICAST 2013.

We caught up with Elite Series pro Hank Cheery in the Costa booth at ICAST. What’s the one thing he never goes fishing with out?

Sun Screen may be one of the most important things you have in your boat… Cody Roberson explains why Dermatone should be you sun screen of choice.

John Crews from Missile Baits showed us the new Baby D-Bomb.

Here is another new hook from Trokar. Brent Chapman explains a few of the features from ICAST 2013.

Evergreen pro Bret Hite talks about the new their new frog offering.

Brandon Palanuik’s truck and boat are decked out with lights from Rigid Industries , find out how many and why.

John Crews talks about the new Baby Fat John from SPRO. This little squarebill fills a need. When your looking for a bait that runs deeper than a wake bait but not as deep as traditional squarebills this thing is going to be the deal

Army Bass Angler Cody Roberson and Dave Stewart talk about a few of the features of Bass Minder. Bass Minder will help keep you organized and help you catch a few more fish.

The new Bronze Eye Shad was one of the most unique soft body frogs we saw at ICAST 2013. Dean Rojas talks about his new creation and the new colors.

WE caught up with Justin Lucas in the Typhoone /Gone Fishing booth at ICAST 2013. He showed us the sunglasses he wears and the cool thing is they wont break the bank.

Andy Montgomery showed us the new Strike King Bladed swim jig and it sure looks like they got this one right.

Todd Faicloth was hanging around the Strike king booth and he showed us the DB Structure Jig.

We met up with Brent Chapman in the Livingston Lures booth at ICAST and he showed us why the Livingston difference is clear.

Elite Series Pro Dean Rojas talks about the best rain gear money can buy.

Keith Combs talks about the new shaky football head from Owner Hooks.

Megabass pro Chris Zaldain was quick to show us the new Orochi XX from Megabass

We ran into Luke Clausen in the Z Man booth at ICAST 2013. He showed us one of his top picks at the show, the new Quadzilla!

Strike Kind released several new baits at ICAST. Chris Zaldain showed us the new KVD 1.5 Flat Side.

Sheet Reese was quick to show off his new creation at ICAST 2013. We met up with him in the Lucky Craft boot and found out the details.

We caught up with Brandon Card at ICAST 2013 in the Pinnacle booth and he showed us his frog fishing combo of choice.

Have you ever wondered how braided line is made? Tuff-Line has been making braid for about 75 years. Here is a quick video about how they do it at Tuff-Line and what sets it apart.

Justin Lucas took some time to share his number one pick from ICAST 2013

Casey Scanlon talks crankbaits from ICAST 2013

We have always been big fans of Pinnacle Fishing and this year they did not disappoint. John Crews shows off one of their new offerings

We had a chance to check out the Talon with Keith Combs. The new and improved unit is worth taking a look at.

We met up with Brent Chapman in the MESU booth and he was quick to show us their new jig set up.

The new Flake Flake pattern was all people were talking about in the Lucky Craft booth at ICAST 2013. Find out what Justin Lucas had to say about it and get a look at the new Flash Pointer.

Hank Cherry uses Denali Rods and so can you. Hank talks about the Denali line up and some of the features. If your a tournament pro or just getting started Denali has the rod for you.

We caught up with Andy Montgomery in the Seaguar booth and he was talking “Smack”down.

Not only did Stetson Blaylock finish second in the FLW Tour angler of the race, he helped design the new Crankinstien rod for 13 Fishing. If your into fishing crankbaits off shore you need to take a look at this one.

Keith Combs gave us the rundown on the NEW Strike King Structure Jig and some of the features that set it apart from all the others.

Humminbird’s new 360 imaging had to be the biggest “game changer” we saw at ICAST. Brent Ehrler shares an in-depth view of what might be the thing that changes the way we all look at fishing. From catching schooling bass to bed fishing your view will be different,

2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Brent Chapman talks with Dale from Gamma line about the new braid they were showing off at ICAST. If you have ever had you knot fail when tying on your leader or just don’t like the knot going through your rod guides here is the answer.

One of the best looking frogs we came across at ICAST this year was the Kahara frog. Fred Roumbanis showed this thing to us and it looked so good we thought it was going to jump away. Keep an eye on Optimum Baits to get your hands on one but you aren’t going to be able to get them to late summer or early fall.

After two days roaming the floor at ICAST in Las Vegas we have seen some pretty cool an unique products. Here are 3 new videos that were top on our list.

Keith Combs talks about what has to be one of the hottest products we have seen so far this year. The new Humminbird 360 imaging is going to be a game changer.

Gerald Swindle had us rollin in the Lucky Craft booth talking about dance moves and jerkbaits.

We spent some time on the floor with FLW Champ Jacob Wheeler and he gave us his top 3 picks from the show.

ICAST 2013, here are a few videos from day one.

Randy Howell talks Livingston Lures

Andy Montgomery gives a close up of the new T

Aaron Martens talks about one of the new products from Megabass at ICAST

Mike Helton previews the new Kovert series from Denali