IMA has three new lures that will make their international debuts at ICAST. Two of them are modifications of our past successes. The third is a category-defying big fish magnet that will be the “must have” purchase for any topwater aficionado.

Rattling Roumba

Bassmaster Elite Series phenom Fred Roumbanis told us that if one killer wake bait was good, a second one would make our lineup unmatched by anyone else in the fishing world, so we’ve developed a rattling version of our highly-regarded Roumba. Fred says this slightly louder model will be his go-to lure in slightly dirtier water, but in many instances he’ll have both tied on and ready to deploy. For example, on tidal waters he’ll have both models ready to go. “At low tides, when the water pulls the sediment off of the vegetation and it gets clear, I like the silent version,” he said. “But when the tide is high and it’s a little harder to see that rattling one will call them from long distances.”

Fellow IMA pro and noted river rat Bill Lowen agreed: “I love the original version but this one will be great in dirtier water, especially around grass.”

While the lure retains the same 3-inch size as the original with the same high-tech components and the same signature action, it will be available in 6 new colors specifically requested and perfected by the IMA pros.