International Angler Lands 600th Fish Species on SEBILE Lure
“My next goal is 700,” says Patrick Sebile, an international angler who recently landed his 600th species, a Vermillion Rockfish while fishing off Catalina Island, California.
There is no other documented case of any angler throughout history who has caught 600 species, apparently putting Sebile in a class by himself as an angler.
Since 1984, Sebile has meticulously kept his own records of species caught while traveling the globe to fish in fresh and salt water in 63 countries.
Sebile says he is fascinated by the ingenious diversity and differences between fish species, including the varying habitats and conditions under which fish thrive across the planet.
“Practically everywhere there is water, there are fascinating fish,” says the 40 year old Sebile who plans to continue to explore and to document as many diverse waters and different species as possible in his lifetime.
An IGFA Representative and dedicated conservationist of fish and their habitats, Sebile has written seven books on fishing including one titled Les Poissons a Pecher dans Toutes les Mers du Monde (Sportfish of All the World’s Seas) and hundreds of articles. His photo has graced over 150 fishing magazine covers. At one time or another, Sebile has held 300 IGFA, European and French fishing records.
Sebile is CEO, founder and lure designer of his namesake tackle company, SEBILE Innovative Fishing, which he started in 2006.
He currently lives in Colorado where his company is headquartered, but Sebile spends most of his time at large touring the world’s waters with outdoor journalists, professional guides and renowned anglers worldwide.

“My next goal is 700,” says Sebile.

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