Have you tried Jackall Mudsucker 110?
This bait is awsome! When water is kind of too rough to throw regular walking baits, Mudsucker will still grab and spit the water, and produce walk the dog action. It especially works well when bait fish are blown to the banks or to the points and bass are with them. That situation occured at Lake Logan Martin. I could not get bite for a while then I noticed wind was hitting the other side of the bank, so I drove to the direct wind hitting point. Then I threw a few different walking baits, but there was no success. I picked up the Mudsucker and the bait started to spit the water with walk the dog action. I had a nice fish follow to the boat on the second cast , then fish hit the lure at the following cast. I noticed the significance of water displacement especially at this time. After that fish, I caught a few more and learned something new again.Thanks to Kota and www.ninjatacklebox.com