Your Name:  James Leachman
Birthday:  12/13/63
Height:  5’9″
Hometown:  Kennewick Wa
Family:  Married and 4 children
If you could only fish with one lure what would it be:  Lucky Craft LV500
Favorite band:  Mercy Me
Boat/Motor:  No boat at this time
Tow Vehicle:
If you were not fishing what would you be doing:  I am a co-angler at his time so I work full time at Costco Wholesale.
Hero (explain):  In fishing it would be Mr Yelas. Years ago I went to hear a seminar by Mr Yelas in Idaho. It was about a 5hr drive. I thought I was going to hear about how he had just won the Triple Crown of fishing. But when I got there and met him the subject of fishing never came up. We both shared how and what the LORD had done for us. So in order to hear about Mr Yelas’s success in fishing you must 1st hear his testimony.Giving God all the glory first, to me that is a hero.
Career Highlights:  For me 2 things stand out in my tournament fishing.! was when I caught “big” fish for the day in the 2004 BASS Open behind Gary Dobyns. And 2 would be when I caught “big” fish for the day at the FLW Series in 2010 behind Bobby Barrack.Couple of pretty good sticks in front of me. BUT the #1 thing for me would be when Gary Dobyns called me and asked about a pro-staffer for the Washington area. When I told him I would look around for someone I trusted to help him out he then told me “No, I mean you”. Here is one of the best bass fishermen ever asking for my help. To this day I eat,breath and live Dobyns and never want to let him down. Thanks Gary for believing in me.