Name:  James Smith
Birthday:  Sept 26, 1968
Height:  6’4″
Hometown:  King, North Carolina
Website :
Family:  Have a great Canadian wife, with 2 step girls and a son here in Canada, Also have 2 girls back in the US and 3 Grandson’s
If you could only fish with one lure what would it be:    5″ Monkey Bug from Zipper Worm Company
Favorite band:  AC/DC
Boat/Motor:  In between boats
Tow Vehicle:  2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4×4
If you were not fishing what would you be doing:  Spending time with the family or doing my radio show.
Hero:  My Dad- Dad showed me how to catch my first fish, took me out on my first bass boat, and showed me the ways of the outdoors. And was the first one that didn’t think I was crazy when I said I wonted to be a Angler, Dad was always there to back me 100% In what ever I done. Now that Dad is gone and I am living my dream, When I do my radio broadcast I know the waves reaches the Heavens and Dad knows I made it as a Angler.
Here’s fishing with you pop’s where ever you may be..
God Bless the man that raised a angler.
Career Highlights:  In The States -NC & Va.
1 First place Finnish
9-top 5 Place Finishes
In Canada 2010
Various local tournaments and Benefit Tournaments, Berkley B1 Canadian Bass Open.
Big Thank You To My Sponsors:
Bassfury Gear
Secret Weapon Lures
Zipper Worm Company
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