There much talk about fluorocarbons finally making the grade where most anglers are convinced that fluorocarbon is the only way to go.   Elite anglers are being quoted as saying they don’t fish anything else.  Well, hold on to your horses.  Technology is a constant, and so is Nylon or Monofilament lines

As one pro said it “there is a place for fluorocarbon, there’s a place for braid and for me a place for nylon

It should be noted, excellent grade nylons can be as abrasion resistant as some fluorocarbons and braids.

Toray introduced their nylon brands recently both rumored to have excellent performance and durability.


Japan’s high end JDM line brand, is favored among the JB NBC Japanese professional tournament anglers.  It has gained the attention of touring pros in the USA.   Toray has brought two exotic polyimide lines the US shores.

One is called BAWO POLYAMIDE Plus and carries a camo- green-purple glow to it.  Most all Toray lines are precision wound (a linear process which aids in loading reels spools more effectively and eliminating crush spots on the line.  The Polyamide is significantly smaller in diameter compared to other lines rated same pound test.   In fact Toray’s 12 pound Polyamide is the size of many mono lines rated as 8 pound.  It has a silky feel to it and is commonly used for jig fishing.

SOLAROAM SUPER STRONG-NYLON is a heavy grade all purpose 100% Nylon used for cranking and topwater fishing by design.  It has a unique finish to accelerate casting ease and is noted in Japan to have “super strong abrasion resistant structure”.

Whatever lines you steer towards, remember nylons are here to stay and will continue to improve.