Billy “Hawkeye” Decoteau

Bassmaster Women’s Trail seasoned Professional Angler Dianna Clark, has a simple solution for fine-tuning your Jig Techniques! It never fails and I hear it all the time, “Dianna, what can I do to sharpen my jig techniques and presentations?” Says the Academy Sports sponsored Team Member. (  “Clark’s reply is simple, “Leave everything at home but your jigs and go to the lake!!!”

Considered by her peers, as one of the ‘Best Jig Anglers’ on the Women’s’ Bassmaster Tour, all anglers would be wise to adhere to Dianna Clark’s recommendations! “The only way to improve your skills with any particular lure is to spend time working it through the water column. At my Academy Sports seminars anglers will ask, “Is there a quick and easy solution to catching bass with a jig………………and what’s your secret?” It seems everyone understands that jigs catch bass and more often than not big bass! However, few people want to engage in the learning process that’s involved with fishing a jig.”  (

Clark’s ‘Secret’, is patience! “By having only one bait to throw all day, an angler has two choices, go home or spend the day learning everything there is about working a jig!!!!” Listening to Tennessee’s Dianna Clark’s mentoring advise on working a jig, an angler quickly learns it’s not so much about trying to catch bass with the jig as it is utilizing your jig to read the type of cover your working by feeling the jigs contact with the bottom! “Most anglers work a jig much to fast and therefore are not making contact with the bottom, nor are they working their jig through the heavy cover by feeling the jigs contact with each and every branch on a tree or in a bush.”

More often than not a jig represents a crawfish and these crustaceans crawl along the bottom at a snails pace……….hence Clark’s reason for patiently and meticulously crawling your jig, thus telegraphing the bottom content up your line, down your rod and right into your reel seat. For Clark and other professional anglers sensitivity is imperative to success! “All my B & M jigs are tied to Lake Fork’s FluoroHybrid line, spooled to an Ardent XS1000 baitcasting reel and saddled on a Dobyns 765C Flippin Stick or a 704C Jig Rod,” says Clark. (

Clark’s reason for utilizing Lake Fork FlouroHybrid line is it’s inherent low stretch, extreme sensitivity coupled with it’s sinking ability. “As anglers become more apt in their jig technique presentations, they will learn to read the bottom with their jig as though they were looking at it with their eyes. Being able to differentiate between, grass, sand, gravel, rocks, shell beds, and wood, also develops confidence.”  Add a few bass to this Clark’s equation and you’ll be throwing jigs all year long!!!! Log unto Dianna Clark’s web site at to learn more about this WBT Jig Experts choice in equipment.      

God Bless and Best Bass’n