Birthday:    June 17, 1988
Height:    5’10”
Hometown:    Derwood MD
Family:    Youngest of six kids.
If you could only fish with one lure what would it be:    Black 3/8oz Jig with a Paca Chunk Trailer – Really versatile weight/color that could be fished in any body of water year round and would get big fish.
Favorite band:    Eric Church
Boat/Motor:    Currently working on getting a rig.
Tow Vehicle:    2002 Ford F150
If you were not fishing what would you be doing:    Browsing the web for any information on fishing or studying maps.
Hero (explain):    Ike. When he won the Classic in ’03 was when I first was getting into the tournament scene. I have followed his career over the years and really look up to his style of fishing.
Career Highlights    Competing in FLW College Fishing and qualifying for the Regional Championship.

2nd Place in the 2007 2-day Fish On Bass Anglers Classic.