We caught up with John Crews to catch the lowdown from the last two Alabama events in the BASS Postseason. Crews mentioned that despite hitting Jordan and the Alabama River at tough times in the year, most everyone had no trouble at all catching limits of fish. Current played a big factor in both events and really dictated when the bites would come. Russ Lane won the Jordan event cranking, and KVD went on to win on the river doing much of the same.

He later mentioned that the fish seemed to be in more of a late summer/early fall pattern on the Alabama River, and looking back he felt he could have done a litle better if he had fished more to that specific.

Notable is that John mentioned his take on the postseason, saying that the idea of the postseason is good, and the end-of-year spotlight is great for fans and press, but he “hopes BASS will re-evaluate the points system” for the postseason, and that it is”not a true angler of the year.”  He mentioned it’s more of an “angler of the week” and that he has yet to talk with another angler who disagreed.