When fishing team tournaments picking a partner is what will determine whether you cash a check or go home empty handed. The right partner will create a team that is consistently at the top of the standings, while the wrong partner leave you frustrated and disappointed. For years it has been said that you should choose a teammate that is proficient in the areas you are weak. I am here to tell you that this is wrong!

I recently fished a team tournament on Vandalia Lake with a good friend of mine. Both Spencer and I are proficient power fisherman. We love to pick up a crank bait or spinner and rip them back with high speed Ardent reels. We get excited by the thought of playing fast pitch to shallow cover with Omega jigs. The opportunity to quickly cover water, even on deep points and ledges is our passion. During this particular tournament we were throwing the array of lures to shallow grass. I was drawing fish to the surface with a buzz bait while Spencer followed up the swirls with plastics. We covered twice as much water when cranking rocks as I kept the trolling motor on high while alternating casts. We finished second in a field loaded with local fishermen with a 13.72 limit.

My point is this; if you are a power fisherman paired with a finesse fisherman, your partner is worthless while power fishing and you are worthless while finesse fishing. This is a great thing to do for increasing your proficiency in a weak area, but if you want to win a tournament pair with someone that shares your strengths! Save the frustration and disappointment and heed my advice.
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Josh Bracamontes