Virginia Bass Federation Six Man Teams 9/27/08
On September 27th the top junior anglers came together at the 2009 Jr. 6 Man tournament, to compete for the first spots to fish in the state championship in May. The tournament was held on the Chickahominy River out of the James City River Park.

The weather was part of the challenge, three days before a tropical storms left over’s, pass thru. This made the river unpredictable and high, about three feet higher than normal.

The 38 juniors jumped into the boats and headed out to conquer the challenge, and some of them did just that.

In the 11yr to 14yr group the top five are as follows:
1st     Ryan Drewery     Southern Virginia Bass Anglers    (2 fish) 4.24lbs
2nd    Josh Jonson        Southern Virginia Bass Anglers     (2 fish) 3.56lbs
3rd    Michael Taylor    Southern Virginia Bass Anglers    (1 fish) 2.94lbs
4th    Nicholas Bodsford    Castaway Lip Rippers            (1 fish) 2.86lbs
5th     Skylar Hamilton    Wise County Jr. Anglers        (1 fish) 2.20lbs

In the 15yr to 18yr group the top five are as follows:
1st    Conner Harrison    Mechanicsville Bass Busters        (4 fish) 9.56lbs
2nd     Cody Griffey        Pamunkey Bass Assassins        (3 fish) 6.82lbs
3rd     Michael Scott        Southern Virginia Bass Anglers    (3 fish) 5.96lbs
4th     Emanuel Pappadakis    Castaway Lip Rippers            (3 fish) 5.36lbs
5th     Dallas Hardy        Mechanicsville Bass Busters        (2 fish) 5.36lbs *
*number of fish brought to the scale was how the tie breaker was determined

The big fish of the tournament award went to Cody Griffey of the Pamunkey Bass Assassins with at weight of 4.14lbs.

At this same tournament the top total combined weight of the three 11 to 14yr and three 15 to 18yr juniors in one club wins the Don Forman Memorial Trophy.
This year Dan’s Heating & Air Conditioning donated a check to the winning club for $250.
This years Don Forman Memorial Trophy winner is the Mechanicsville Bass Busters.
Way to go guys.

A big thank you to all the 19 boaters that came out to help and the four other support boater that was there also. These boaters and many other one just like them are helping the future of fishing in Virginia. Keep up the great work.

Other I owe a big thanks to is Sea port Marine Services of Suffolk, Virginia for supplying the food and helpers to cook and serve it. Dan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for all the support they have given and continue to give, thanks Dan. Also Lowrance, Bass Pro Shops, Bass East, Region 8 of the Virginia Bass Federation and all the other Virginia Bass Federation adults members.

For video go to and watch the weigh as it happens.

Next junior tournament will be back on the chick October 18th, see you all there