Picked up a pack of Strike Kings version of the sweet beaver, the rodent. One of the first things I noticed about the bait was the strong coffee smell. Adding a coffee smell is one of the newer concepts on the market. The bait was also much softer than other knockoffs of the sweet beaver. The bait is the perfect size for putting in a 4/0 or a 5/0 hook which is great because this style of bait is often used for flipping and pitching to heavy cover. When I got out on the water I noticed that the bait had a tremendous action that the fish seemed to really like.

The legs wiggled a lot on the fall which could be an added bonus in clear water conditions. The fish held onto the bait a lot longer and harder than some other sweet beaver knockoffs I have tried in the past. The bait only lasted a couple fish however due to how soft it was and the claws were often stolen by bluegill. These baits are almost like hand pours. I was averaging about two fish on the bait before it needed to be replaced. The bait comes in a variety of fish catching colors which is great if you need to fish the bait in clear or dirty water. The softness and scent of this bait might come in handy when the conditions get tough. These baits are a little expensive as they run about 4 and a half dollars a bag and you only get 6 baits per a package. Good bait but they come with a price.