Jigs are very versatile and by far are my favorite bait to fish. They are very affective in heavy dense cover and sparse vegetation. In my opinion nothing works better in these applications than a Triple Rattleback Monster Grass Jig made by Lunker Lure.
On cloudy days I’ll pitch and flip the jig making very short accurate casts. I don’t allow the jig to sit for very long, only 2 to 3 seconds before giving it a couple of shakes then reeling it back to the boat. On sunny days I’ll make longer pitches. I’ll allow the bait to sink to the bottom then work it in a “yo yo” pattern, very similar to a soft plastic worm. On days when the bass are aggressive, I target the back side of week edges and isolated pieces of vegetation swimming the jig just underneath the surface back to the boat.
I like to keep my color selections very simple. I use black and blue jigs with a blue sapphire trailer on cloudy days, and a green with green pumpkin trailer on sunny days. In the spring and late fall I prefer a brown jig with a light orange tint and a crawdad trailer in green pumpkin. When swimming a jig for aggressive fish, I prefer a white jig with a white swimming trailer, or a black jig with a black blue swimming trailer. I choose my jig weight based upon the density of vegetation that I’m targeting. For sparse situations I like to stay around ½ oz. This size has a quiet presentation and a slower fall. For heavier cover I’ll use 1 to 1 ¼ oz jigs, which allows the bait to reach hard to fish areas that are usually passed-up by other anglers. If you haven’t tried fishing a jig, check out Lunker Lure products at http://www.lunkerlure.com For more great tips go to http://chadmorgenthaler.com