PRATTVILLE, Ala. (Sept. 2, 2010) – Veteran angler Russ Lane has signed an endorsement deal with Boomerang Tool Company of Mountain View, Calif., makers of the “BTC” line of high-performance fishing tools.

Lane lives in Prattville, Ala., and has competed for six years on the Bassmaster Elite Series circuit. Lane has qualified for four Bassmaster Classic championships along with winning one Elite Series title to go with nine Top 10 finishes, 50 Top 50 finishes and more than $540,000 in earnings.

During the recent Bassmaster Elite Series post-season tournaments in Alabama and the Professional Anglers Association tournament on Lake Norman near Charlotte, Lane used the BTC 201A model pliers throughout practice and tournament days. The BTC 201A is made of aircraft-grade cast aluminum and features replaceable carbide cutters, a 36-inch Kevlar retractable cable and glass-reinforced nylon handles.

“Boomerang Tool has created a line of tools every serious angler will want to have,” Lane said. “The pliers made of aircraft grade aluminum reduce weight and won’t rust, but there’s no compromise on strength. One great thing is the retractable cord, which means you eliminate the chance of dropping your pliers overboard into the lake. Just like a boomerang, they’ll always come back to you!”

Along with the BTC 201A, other models of pliers from Boomerang Tool Company include the BTC 201C made from stainless steel and BTC 201S made from machined aluminum with replaceable steel jaw ends on the pliers. All BTC pliers have lightweight but rugged glass-reinforced nylon handles, the retractable 36-inch Kevlar cord that is built into the handle, a leather carrying sheath and two-year “ultra warranty” within the United States or Canada.

During his most recent tournaments, Lane strapped the BTC sheath to the deck of his BassCat and knew exactly where his pliers were at all times. Crankbaits played a big role in his summer tournament success.

“When you go to unhook a fish, you don’t want to be searching for pliers that could be hidden behind a bag, under a seat or somewhere else,” Lane said. “Anglers who fish tournaments want to manage their time to be efficient, and recreational anglers want to get back to fishing just as much as tournament anglers. So, you don’t want to be fumbling around for pliers.

“The retractable cord and sheath are super because you can put them somewhere and know specifically where it is. When you’re dealing with treble hooks, especially, time and safety are critical elements. If you have a fish in hand and need your pliers, they’re right there for you.”

The use of aircraft grade aluminum means the rust is held at bay while maintaining strength and durability. Boomerang Tool also manufactures needlenose pliers, line snips, lineman’s pliers, utility knives, and golf and photo accessories.

“All the pliers I’ve used before have gotten wet, rusted and eventually had to be replaced,” Lane said. “The BTC series won’t, so I know they’ll be ready to use every time I need them.”

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