Dustin Wilks reveals his technique for dredging the ledges

Ledge fishing… summertime with current…. Nothing beats a bend in the river channel when there is current. Current brings the bass fresh water and an easy meal. Current on a ledge means the fish are open to eating all the time. You often hear the bass pros complain about no current. When there’s no current, the fish are harder to pinpoint, and they may suspend and feed only in spurts.

My best baits for the ledges are (1) a Texas-rigged 10- or 12-inch Red Shad Culprit worm with a half-ounce weight, (2) a deep diving Daiwa crankbait in Chartreuse with blue back or Tennessee Shad color, or (3) a half-ounce black or white jig.

Pro Assassinator Clacker Spinnerbaitg Ledge fishing does not require you to fish in the middle of the lake either; often the best ledges are ones that swing up again a bank.

I prefer fishing shallower ledges if possible — ones with breaks at six to eight feet. Often you will find ledges at this depth and more current, too, in the upper end of a lake or the backs of feeder creeks. At a shallower depths you don’t have to worry about poor water quality, which is frequently a factor in deeper water.

Dustin Wilks
Professional Bass Angler
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