Gary Yamamoto arguably may be the most famous angler in the world.  At 67 years of age Gary has basically done it all in the sport of fishing. He’s a very accomplished multi-species angler; lure inventor, promoter, and even cattle rancher. While most of the world is familiar with his name and incredible products Gary has delivered over the last 30 years, many might not realize that the quiet Texas based pro is originally from the west coast and even got his start in lure manufacturing on the shores of the Colorado River.  Driven by a need to produce better lures for his own tournament success, Gary started GYCB in the early eighties with a small product line of grubs. That original line of baits would soon transcend the world’s oceans and become one of the most innovative and popular brands world wide.  The Hula Grub with its realistic colors and salt impregnation basically became a mainstay in every pros box from the US to Japan. Later, the Senko would literally become industry defining, bringing an entire new style of rigging and technique into play. Over the years the Yamamoto name and product line has continued to grow around the world. One thing that has fueled that growth is the competitive spirit that drives Yamamoto to constantly look for perfection.