Age: 27
Hometown: Richmond, RI
State Federation: Rhode Island
Division: Eastern Division
Occupation: Owner & Operator of Bevelaqua Construction
Family: Wife-Tiffany & son Dominico, 3 years old
When & why did you begin bass fishing? I began Bass Fishing as a child.
What has been your most memorable moment when it comes to fishing so far? Qualifying for the TBF Nationals as a non-boater
Biggest catch; when, where & how: 7lb 9oz, largemouth bass, Johnsons Pond, Coventry, RI [11132]
Do you have a good luck charm or certain thing you do when it comes to fishing? If so, what is it? No good luck charm
Name someone who is a hero to you & would like to meet someday? It would be fun to fish with Mike Iaconelli
What would it mean to you to win the 2010 TBFNC in Knoxville, TN? It would be a dream come true to win the 2010 TBFNC in Knoxville, TN.