LoneStarBass.com a new Texas based fishing forum is rapidly  expanding its membership and  bringing with it a different  approach.  Membership to this forum comes primarily through   referrals from its current members and forum founder Mike Kernan.
Kernan is no  stranger to the Texas fishing  scene and has been competing successfully in  some of the best  tournament trails in Texas for decades.   “As a member of various  forum sites, I was  frustrated with the lack of real content and the sharing  of  information that went on.  I wanted to create a forum that was lead   by its membership and that served the fishing community with its  efforts” said Kernan.  “So with the help of a couple of  friends, I set up the  website, pulled out my rolodex and created  Lone Star Bass.”
What’s unique about this forum is that   each member must use their full name and come by way of referral  or provide  some brief information regarding their fishing  background.  “The  registration process  and our system eliminate the vast majority of  the challenges you find on  other sites.  Our anglers know who  they’re talking to and the exchange  of information is vastly improved.” added Kernan.
With special member’s only sections  that  discuss tournament strategies and results, the state’s top anglers have   a chance to share information and communicate in an open format.  “There’s some valuable information here and some great anglers providing  feedback, tips and  tactics.  Lone Star Bass is proof that  anglers can moderate themselves  and have healthy discussions about  important topics in our sport without all  the policing that you  see in other sites.” said Kernan.
Anglers can get more information and register for the forum by visiting www.lonestarbass.com