Garland, TX, June 12-13, 2010 – The mission statement behind ArmyBassAnglers (ABA) is “SUPPORT. DEFEND. FISH.” and The Lone Star Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America and ArmyBassAnglers joined forces to do exactly that at the PVA B.A.S.S. Tournament held on Lake Ray Hubbard, put on by the Lone Star Chapter, this weekend.

The event was held at the Bass Pro Shop on Lake Ray Hubbard. There was 42 registered mobility impaired anglers and 42 boat captains for a total of 84 anglers that would compete for all kinds of prize money and products provided by the Lone Star Chapter and the sponsors’ of ArmyBassAnglers. “We can’t thank all the sponsors enough for assisting us and LSPVA in this operation. Great companies like Lake Fork Trophy Lures, Castaway, Ardent, JaRod Jigs and

others are what makes these events just come together,” stated Roberson, President/Founder of ArmyBassAnglers. “This being our first year to officially participate as both boat captains supporting the event and as sponsors/promoters to the event was a lot of fun. Glen Bentley, Executive Director and Paul Offill, Assistant Executive Director really put on a professionally ran event for all the anglers. We were just glad to be able to help and participate in the event—it was truly a humbling experience.”

The Lone Star Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veteran’s service organization established on 19th of August 1989, is locally involved in the support of its members or veterans who served in the armed forces that have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction, in the North Texas area. “We’re proud to join forces with ArmyBassAnglers, and what impresses us about this organization is its strong belief in continuous personal commitment to help other soldiers and service members while being very competitive anglers at the same time,” says Glen Bentley.

“This event was a huge success and we plan to continue to build on that success with the help of ArmyBassAnglers,” says Paul Offill. “We have already begun the planning and discussions for next year’s event.”For Immediate Release

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ArmyBassAnglers Pros Cody Roberson, Chad Nelson, Jarod Shelton, Brent Homan and Coalition Pro Staffer Marion Valenzuela & Don Brunson would be joined by several friends anglers from all across Texas to support the event. “It may not sound like much, the amount of time and effort these guys put in, but when you step back and realize some of these guys should have or could have been competing for 20 to 25K cash on Bass Champs this weekend, and been very competitive, it means a lot that they would choose to be here than there—that says a lot about them and their passion to help others,” said Roberson.

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