Making the Cut, Takahiro Omori rebounds to qualify for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. Making the Elite Series would be a lifelong accomplishment for most bass fishermen, but to compete in eight Bassmaster classics, win five major B.A.S.S. tournaments, and have one of those be a Bassmaster Classic victory is a career most anglers will just dream of.  However, just because Lucky Craft pro
Takahiro Omori has had these successes doesn’t mean that it comes easy for him.  Fishing against the best anglers in the world is no easy feat, and Takahiro found that out this year coming into Oneida.

Before going into the event Takahiro knew he needed a top five finish to qualify for his ninth Bassmaster Classic.  An impressive 18.13 lb bag on day 3 jumped him from 48th to 10th putting a top five finish within reach.  With a lot of hard work and determination Tak ended up catching a solid 14 lb sack on day four, which launched him to a fourth place finish with a total weight of 57.4 lbs for the tournament.

We recently got a chance to talk to Takahiro about his impressive finish and how he feels going into his ninth Bassmaster Classic.   This is what he had to say.

BE:         “Tak how was your practice going in to the event on Oneida knowing you needed to finish well?”

Tak:         “Before fishing Oneida I knew I had to finish top 5 to have enough points to make it to the classic.  But practice was tough.  The water was down and the fish weren’t there, it was a really tough week, I didn’t find much”

BE:         “You had a really big bag the third day, what did you change to catch them?”

Tak:         “I didn’t change much to be honest.  This tournament was a grind.  I was only catching 7 or 8 keepers a day.  On day one I had a 5 largemouth but I only caught 7 keepers and didn’t have any big bites.  Then the second day I wasn’t even able to catch those largemouth so I went for smallmouth.  I weighed in two smallmouth and three largemouth on day two, barely making the cut.”

“On day three I was under pressure.  This was the fifth time I have fished Oneida and I know the lake really well.  I had another area on the lake I wanted to check and that’s where I caught the big ones.  I caught a 5lb 6oz bass that took Carhartt Big Bass of the Tournament, had another 4.5 lb bass, and then a couple close to 3 lbs in my limit on day three.  It was my best day ever at Oneida and it happened with the right timing.”

BE:         “What did you end up catching them on, what was the pattern you figured out?”

Tak:         “I was pitching shallow grass and boat docks for most of the tournament, but caught my smallmouth on the second day on a Lucky Craft Slender Pointer          97.  I tried to fish for smallmouth on day four but it was hard due to boat traffic so I went back to pitching grass to catch my limit.”

BE:         “How does it feel to qualify for your ninth Bassmaster classic?”

Tak:         “I had a lot of bad tournaments this year but last week just worked out.  I’m so happy to be going back to the Classic”

BE:         “What are your plans for the rest of the season into the offseason?”

Tak:         “I might go pre-practice a few places I have never been.  I have a Major League fishing series I have been fishing and the last tournament is in October.                        Then I am planning on getting ready for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake.”


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By Pat Snellings

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