Matt McCoy is a weekend warrior who is fishing to win the Bassmaster Classic. He has worked his way up through the B.A.S.S. ranks by doing what he loves; fishing with a Stupid Tube lure.

“We worked closely with Matt and his uncle Terry McWilliams to design a custom built lure known as the Stupid Tube TM.” said Nathan Gray of Secret Lures. ”Terry used the bait to finish 4th in the 2007 Classic; while Matt has used it for almost every single fish to get to the Classic and hopefully win it all.” “The Stupid Tube bait has very specific design characteristics that allow it to perform a unique darting and gliding action, as shown by the results of Matt and Terry. The Stupid Tube plastic had to have a specific length, wall thickness, diameter, salt content, softness and durability to excel for the rigging and technique.” “The Stupid Tube lure when used in conjunction with the Stupid Tube jig head and rigged like Matt and Terry fish it; can flat out catch fish when all else fails. It is the perfect power and finesse tool for pressured fish.”

“I am ready and I am here to win.” said McCoy the Bass Federation Nation Northern Championship Winner. “I have been very successful with the Stupid Tube lure and I hope to continue that success by winning the Classic; it would mean a lot to me and my family.”

Secret Lures is a custom tackle company. Their signature line of tackle includes The Stupid Tube TM, Ledge Shaker, Chubby Frog, MVP Jigs (HD, Football, Swim, Finesse, Flippin) Wacky Rig jig, Meat Hooks, and Tailshaker jig heads. For more information on Secret Lures, please visit