At 6’8″ and a Medium Action, the New Michael Murphy Signature Jerkbait and Topwater Rod was designed with versatility and comfort in mind when fishing in a downward motion, or when there is a need to target fish around shoreline cover.  “I designed this rod, because I was looking for something with a slightly shorter handle, but still a good length rod out in front of the reel.  At 6’8″ this rod allows me to fish lures in a downward motion without my rod dragging the water when I am fishing such things as a soft jerkbait, a hard jerkbait, like my signature IMA Flit, or a topwater.  It has a good backbone for setting the hook, towards the base of the rod, but a soft tip to easily work your lure and to still achieve a long cast.”

“The short split grip handle, I absolutely love!  It keeps the rod lightweight, sensitive, and makes it easy to fish when you are wearing several layer of clothes in the cold springtime months while throwing hard jerkbaits, or when you are target casting around laydowns or docks with jerkbaits, topwaters, or even crankbaits.  This rod comes in both a spinning and casting version to offer two styles for what the user is most comfortable with.  I have also found, in addition to jerkbaits and topwater, the spinning rod at a length of 6’8″ and a softer tip makes an excellent rod when skipping docks with light tackle.  The lighter tip allows it to easily load up to skip, but the stout base allows you to get a solid hook set to fight the fish out.  These rods are the most versatile rods in my lineup and I absolutely love them!!”

-Michael Murphy, Professional Angler

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