Sure, the Biffle-O Lizard Jr. is smaller than the original Biffle-O Lizard, but don’t underestimate just how big of a punch this new addition can make to your fishing arsenal.

The Biffle-O Lizard Jr. measures at around 6.5 inches. Like its namesake, it has all of the same characteristics of the bigger 8.5-inch version except for the size.

Junior has a solid head for holding a quality hook firmly in place, a hollow body that can receive a rattle, scent or flotation, and that famous long tail the is always dancing. The tail features Larew’s patented design. It’s flexible, cupped shape and tapering … delivering a combination that simply has big bass written all over it.

What adds to the lizard’s tail motion even more is the bait’s four unique and hyperactive swimming legs. The legs are broad at the shoulders to provide stability to keep the lizard riding level during retrieve and at rest. Then they thin from the shoulders to become more flexible to make them swim with the slightest of movement. On the end of each leg there is a special “foot” to further facilitate swimming ease and kick up plenty of bass catching action.

The Biffle-O Lizard Jr.’s tube body makes for high hookset percentages simply from its hollow design. When Carolina rigging, the hook can come all the way through the bait and lay right along its back to allow for excellent hooksetting success. And because the body is hollow, a piece of Styrofoam can be inserted to float the bait high behind the rig’s weight.

Otherwise, the hook’s point can be skin-hooked into the lizard’s back when Texas rigging, making it weedless for going down below or swimming across vegetation.

The Biffle-O Lizard Jr. is available in 14 colors including Watermelon Pepper, Watermelon Pepper Neon, Junebug, Black Neon, Black Midnight Blue, Green Pumpkin, Red Shad, plus two brand new ones: Sooner Run and Pearl Pepper.

The new 6.5” Juniors are packaged 8 baits per resealable bag, and a package retails for around $5.99.


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