GAMMA Technologies has just released the ultimate finesse fishing line. The new Touch Fluorocarbon from GAMMA is a great line for your shakeyhead and drop shot fishing. In my last couple of tournaments I got to fish with prototype GAMMA Touch line. I caught one of my keepers in the BFL Regional down at DeGray Lake as well as numerous fish down at Kentucky Lake in the FLW Central College Regional Championship throwing 9lb Touch line on my shakeyhead setup. I found the line to handle great on a spinning rod as well as my baitcasters.

The line handled very nice for a fluorocarbon line and made presenting small offerings really easy. Finally there’s a fluorocarbon line on the market designed specifically for finesse presentations.  Down at DeGray and on Kentucky Lake I was constantly dragging my shakeyhead worms through sunken brush and rock and was amazed at the abuse the line could take. I’m not a big fan of light line fishing and I was a little skeptical at first in using 9lb test line but after trying the line out numerous times during practice and fun fishing I was convinced that it wouldn’t let me down come tournament time.

This upcoming year I am going to be throwing touch for all my finesse fishing. The line is offered from 9lb test down to 4lb test. GAMMA Touch line is now available for order. Tackle Warehouse also has GAMMA Touch in stock. Check it out at