the_new_k_lite_49d7c5de1f7c3AiRRUS just recently came out with new series of bass rods, the  K-Light.  The K-Light rods are a spin off of what was the n-syn model. These newer rods still feature an entire graphite handle. The rods are extremely light and responsive. The rods are also extremely sensitive. The rods are exceptional for throwing jigs and plastics. You can feel every little rock and pebble while dragging your bait.  A 6′6” mh rod weighs about 3.5 ounces and the 7 foot mh models weigh around 5 ounces which helps make a long day on the water easy on your wrists and hands. 
Airrus K-Lite Current Offerings
Casting 6′6″ MH
Casting 6′9″ M
Casting 7′ M
Casting 7′ MH
Casting 7′ HThese rods are not being mass produced as they are made here in the United States.  The rods can be special ordered with either Fuji Alconite, Fuji Titanium, or REC recoil guides. The rods will retail for $249.95 with Alconite guides and 349.95 for Titanium or REC recoil guides. The best way to go about ordering one of these rods is to give the people at AiRRUS a call at (936) 5821677