As the water temps rise, I look forward to top water buzz bait fishing for Bass. There is nothing like the thrill of a bass crushing that buzzer as it runs back to you.

I have been using the Secret Weapon BUZZ R BAIT for about 3 years now and love them. This is the most versatile buzzer I have ever used, PERIOD! The attachments on the end of the buzz blade is the center of the versatility of this bait. I like to add a #4 or 5 Colorado to the end when I have the need for a louder buzz bait where most times anglers would opt to throw a clacker style bait. I have found using the Colorado blade adds a thump to the bait without being excessively noisy. This subtle thump adds noise to help bass locate the buzz R Bait without having them shy away from it. Also in experimenting with the buzz bait/Colorado combo, I have noticed that the spinner/trailer blade turns opposite of the buzz blade, giving added noise and flash and helping the lure track better.

If you want to bulk up the bait, add a #3-1/2 or 4 willow leaf which adds lots of flash and centers the flashing blade over the hook. Also I add a trailer hook to the bait 99% of the time to improve the hook-up ratio.

Jason Potter
Secret Weapon Lures
Field Staff Member