tour_kvd_bigProfessional bass angler Kevin Van Dam sets the bar high when it comes to performance expectations and the newest baitcast reel in the Quantum lineup, Tour KVD, is without a doubt the best ever in the brand’s highly popular PT “Performance Tuned” family.

The Tour KVD reel is built on a profile not much bigger than Quantum’s 100-size baitcasters introduced in 2009, but holds a 200-size spool for increased line capacity, improved casting performance and higher inches per turn (IPT) retrieve … the best of all worlds. As a result, Tour KVD is classified as a new 150 size and holds 145 yards of 12 lb. test, which is 35 more yards than the previous models. From there, things get even better.

The reel’s frame, side covers and front support are machined aluminum. Drive gear and main shaft are ceramic-coated aluminum. Its 11 PT polymer-stainless bearing system provides super-smooth performance and the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Earth shattering is Tour KVD’s innovative new cast control, ACS 3. The proprietary Quantum centrifugal braking system automatically self-adjusts according to the needs of the cast up to the maximum level that the angler has selected. For example, if the angler chooses the “midpoint” setting but the cast does not require that much brake actuation, then no brakes will be applied. However, if the cast quickly ramps the spool speed up to need the braking level selected, then the brakes are applied for that setting.

What the ACS 3 technology means is that an angler can change casting presentations, such as going from a long-distance cast immediately to a short pitch, without having to adjust the setting whatsoever. Cast control settings are infinite among the 168-degree rotation of the Tour KVD’s external dial.

Also new is Quantum’s 7.3:1 extra high-speed gear ratio. At this ratio, Tour KVD has the highest IPT (inches per turn) of any baitcast reel in its class, 34 inches. The reel’s handle is made of seven layers of lightweight carbon fiber with large ergonomic paddles.

The reel also has the finest drag system and highest lockdown among all freshwater baitcast reels. That’s because it is a layered PT ceramic drag system just like the one found in Quantum’s proven PT saltwater models.

Tour KVD is available in three right-hand models: Burner XS 7.3:1, Speed SS 6.6:1, and Power 5.4:1. Reel weight is 8.5 ounces.

Tour KVD retails for $299.95.