image001Oakley, the leading manufactor of innovative eyewear technology, that can be found in the combat zones of Iraq, Afganistan and in more than 110 countries, is proud to announce the company’s multi-year sponsorship of ArmyBassAnglers.

Oakley which was founded for world class athletes, those who see the limits of possibilty as just another challenge, is committed to continuously trying to create superior innovative technologies that transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers is proud to annouce the multi-year sponsorship of ArmyBassangles,” said Louis Wellen, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager. “We are honored to support the Members of ArmyBassAnglers who defend the freedoms enjoyed by our employees, the customers who purchase our products, the soldiers that use them and every other American citizen.”

As part of Oakleys’ sponsorship of ArmyBassAnglers, Oakley will provide team members with premium Oakley polorized eyewear and other quality innovative Oakley accessories. Oakley’s long term commitment to the group also includes product support to the ArmyBassAnglers Support Operations for both Fishing for Freedom Events.

“Joining forces with Oakley has been exciting, not only because of the superior quality of products and accessories ArmyBassAngler Team members will be utilizing on the water but also because we each are firmly aware of the quality of Oakley eyewear that is currently being utilized down range to protect our troops in harm’s way. Oakley’s products are made with incredible precision and care by the very people we have sworn to defend and serve and it only made sense to join forces with a company that has a proven reputation on the most extreme fieldthe battlefield. Trust me…no product can earn a soldiers respect faster than holding up under the rigors of combat. So, there is no doubt the Oakley polarized line of eyewear products will equip us with an enhanced technological advantage on the water,” said Cody Roberson, the ArmyBassAnglers’ President and Founder.

By competing in bass tournaments, charity events and making appearances, ArmyBassAnglers are able to support programs like Take a Soldier Fishing, Return Heroes Home and Fishing for Freedom, while also increasing public awareness of their mission to honor and aid those who have served their country. During the off-season, ArmyBassAngler Pro Staffers volunteer their time to raise funds for the Warrior & Family Support Center and solicit product donations to further support Fishing for Freedom tournaments all across Texas, Louisana, Nevada and Kentucky.

Oakley is the only eyewear manufactor that exclusively supports ArmyBassAnglers both on the water and down range. “We’re truly honored to be apart of the Oakley Team with such names in the industry as Kevin VanDam, Kelly Jordon and Gerald Swindle but more honored to be involved with a product that is literally aiding our troops down range,” stated Roberson.

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