Perfect for Rocks and Wood!

How many times have you been fishing down a chunk rock bank throwing your favorite football head jig when you find that magic sweet spot. It’s that lone isolated brush pile that you just know holds giant bass. You lift up on your rod only to realize that the oversized football head is wedged in the cover. Frustrated, you attempt shake your jig loose. At first you shake it lightly so you don’t hang it even worse, but when that fails, you furiously jerk it until you not only scare off every bass within a quarter mile, you also lose your jig!

Omega Custom Tackle has your answer. Roger Fitzpatrick and Omega Jigs have teamed up to create one of the most versatile jigs on the market; the Pro-Mega jig. The uniquely shaped head on this rugged jig allows it to come through chunk rock as well as any football head on the market, yet it also comes through brush so well even Denny Brauer might get jealous! This jig is also great for stroking on those bass infested ledges. With five colors and three sizes, you are sure to find the perfect jig for your specific needs.

Be one of the first to have the newest creation by the hottest jig company on the market. The Pro-Mega jig will be debuting at the St. Louis Boat Show Feb 11th-15th at the America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome. You will also be able to check it out online at

Also making its’ debut at the St. Louis Boat Show is “Advanced Jig Fishing Secrets of the Pro’s.” This informative DVD will cover in depth information and tricks of the trade that are being utilized by some of the world’s most successful bass fisherman. Featuring Derek Remitz, Craig Dowling, Scott Lunsford, Mike Malone, Roger Fitzpatrick and Todd Barnes (President of Omega Custom Tackle), you will know the keys to making those big fish bite the one lure responsible for the most tournament wins in bass fishing history.
Come meet some of the Omega staff who will be glad to show you the entire assortment of unique colors, shapes and sizes that are going to give you the edge at your next tournament.

Josh Bracamontes, Editor