Mount Laurel, NJ. (December 12, 2009)

Bass East Senior Editor Bill Decoteau hosted a private exclusive interview today with Professional Bass Angler Pete Gluszek of Mount Laurel, NJ as to Gluszek’s tour decision for the 2010 season. While many Professional Bass Anglers strive to qualify for a tours highest level, New Jersey’s Pete Gluszek found himself at a crossroad by qualifying for both the B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Outdoors Prestigious Tour Series.


“I’m elated to have reached such a pinnacle in my career! It isn’t very often within the Professional Ranks that an angler has to choose between the two highest levels of competition!”

Evaluating his situation Gluszek assembled an in-depth list of primary factors to guide him throughout his decision making process. “I had three extremely important factors to consider; Tournament Locations/Dates, Entry Fees, and my personal Obligation to The Bass University!” ( With the monetary figures compiled, a charted calendar with tournament locations and dates, and a list of his personal obligations New Jersey’s Pete Gluszek made his decision. “I made a personal call to B.A.S.S. thanking them for the opportunity, but declined their offer. Then I called Charlie Evans and the FLW Tour Director, confirming my decision and commitment to the Prestigious FLW Tour Series.”

Pete Gluszek elaborated on his decision. “In my opinion I honestly feel the FLW Tour Series offers the best competitive professional format overall! In an economy where everyone is struggling, the FLW lowered their Entry Fees, a move that told the anglers they understood our financial needs. Then the leadership within the FLW made an unprecedented change in their tournament format. Off limits on the day of registration allows anglers to pre-pare tackle, repair any major items, rest up while being mentally and physically ready for competition! The expansion to three-full competition days for the entire field, before the final cut-day, alone levels the playing field, allowing the very best anglers to recover from a bad day, and still has the opportunity to collect a check. ($10,000.00 for 50th Place) Factor in sponsorship incentives, plus the Ranger Cup Program, all of which I qualify for, and my decision became much easier.

When it came to his third Factor ‘Personal Obligations’ Pete Gluszek says, “The FLW commitments to educational activities within the sport of competitive bass fishing at the Stren Series College Bass Program, coupled with their involvement with The Bass Federation, was right inline with my commitment for teaching and growing the sport through The Bass University seminar program and our ‘Never Stop Learning’ slogan!”

Pete Gluszek says his decision to compete on the FLW Tour is a perfect opportunity for everything he believes in. “One other huge factor for my decision, is the FLW expanding their ‘Fun Zone’, allowing their FLW Professional Bass Anglers to promote any and all of their individual sponsors……………In my case, The Bass University!”