We here at BassEast recently had a chance to test the new Pinnacle Vision Slyder. After a couple trips to the lake with the new Slyder on the deck, we were extremely impressed with the reel’s overall performance. The Slyder sports a super-fast 7.0:1 ratio that keeps a RattleTrap moving at a burning pace, or allows for ultra quick flipping and pitching.  The six ball bearings offer a level of quality and smooth feel typically found only in reels in a much higher price range.  Exclusive to the Slyder, the addition of the Finesse Wheel allows for a super-slow presentation that worked great when fishing a jig and various soft plastics in our testing. The Finesse Wheel allows the bait to be moved slowly in exact increments; great for a guy like me because it forces you to slow down.  The reel casts great right out of the package without a lot of adjustment, and the low profile was very comfortable after lengthy use. Next time you’re in the market for a reel, do yourself a favor and check out the whole lineup from Pinnacle, and in particular the new Vision Slyder.  At just $69.99, you really can’t go wrong.