TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 1, 2010 – Pinnacle has teamed up with BASS Elite Series and FLW touring pros to design its new Tournament Class Optimus™ reels– a selection of ultra-smooth, extremely durable metal baitcasters weighing in at just over seven ounces each.  State-of-the-art, yet surprisingly affordable, Optimus reels put professional-grade quality, precision and performance within reach of the average angler.
Pinnacle worked closely with its pro staffers – Paul Elias, Dave Wolak, Britt Myers and Grant Goldbeck – to develop this series of “ultimate” baitcasters, which includes reels ideal for virtually every bass-fishing application.  The Optimus™ family features a total of five Optimus XLT, Optimus XT and Optimus X models, offering serious bass fishermen a variety of styles, gear ratios and feature sets to choose from.
Every Optimus reel boasts an exclusive metal X-Bone™ pattern frame that maximizes strength and durability, while keeping weight at an absolute minimum.  X-Bone construction distributes the amount of critical stress equally to four points (like a car chassis), ideally compensating for the entire weight load.  This proprietary frame design and metal side covers increase rigidity and torque resistance too, allowing the gears to remain in perfect alignment at all times. Optimus XLT and XT models also feature internal components (drive gear, drive shaft and worm gear) made of Duralumin – an advanced “super alloy” that’s 20 percent stronger and 70 percent lighter than brass.
Pinnacle’s top-of-the-line Optimus XLT is a gleaming gold beauty that fishes as good as it looks.  An incredibly smooth, reliable performer, it boasts 11 stainless bearings (10 double-shielded ball bearings plus a roller bearing), a blazing fast 7.3:1 retrieve, and Tandem Cast control, which combines the best properties of magnetic and centrifugal braking systems.  This reel’s rugged X-Bone frame is complemented by metal side covers with a distinctive Titanium Deposition (Titanium Nitride) finish.  More than an aesthetic touch, this finish – the result of Titanium particles vaporized in a vacuum chamber and chemically bonded to the side plates – is significantly more durable and scratch resistant than any painted surface.  For superior fish-stopping power, the Optimus XLT is equipped with an incredibly smooth, super consistent Multi-Stack Drag with cross woven, uni-directional carbon fiber washers.  The Optimus XLT (like all Optimus models) also features the industry’s first QuickFlip™ Button for flipping and pitching applications.  Conveniently positioned on the right side of the frame, this ergonomically designed button lets you engage the gears instantly without turning the handle for lightning-fast hooksets.  Additional Optimus XLT features include: a curved, cold-forged aluminum handle and star drag, ergonomic handle grips, Unlimited Anti-Reverse™, and a precision-click spool tension knob.
While the Optimus XT boasts the same all-metal construction, advanced features and professional-grade performance as the Optimus XLT, it sports a slightly different look (“black chrome” Titanium Deposition side covers, instead of gold).  Optimus XT models are also available with a range of gear ratios – 7.3:1, 6.4:1 and 4.7:1 – to suit varying angler needs and preferences.
Bass fishermen looking for a “Tournament Class” reel at an even lower price can opt for Pinnacle’s Optimus X.  This smooth, rugged baitcaster is equipped with nine stainless steel bearings (8 double-shielded ball bearings plus a roller bearing) and a versatile 6.4:1 retrieve.  Like the Optimus XLT and XT, it features an X-Bone metal frame and metal side covers (without the Titanium Deposition finish).  Tandem Cast Control and a QuickFlip Button also come standard.  Additional Optimus X features include:  Multi-Stack Trulon drag washers, precision-cut brass gearing, Unlimited Anti-Reverse™, a contoured forged aluminum handle, and a precision-click spool tension knob.
Despite the advanced engineering, cutting-edge features and custom-quality construction, Pinnacle’s Optimus baitcasters are affordably priced.  The Optimus XLT has an MSRP of $199.99, while the Optimus XT and Optimus X models retail for $179.99 (MSRP) and $129.99 (MSRP), respectively.

To learn more about Tournament Class Optimus Reels, or the complete line of Pinnacle fishing products, visit: www.pinnaclefishing.com.